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The Best Jeans For Curvy Petite Women

The Best Jeans For Curvy Petite Women

What Does Curvy Petite Mean?

Before we begin to talk about which style of jeans is best for a curvy petite body, we first need to define the true definition of a curvy petite woman. Due to the self-love movement, the word curvy has taken a new definition of meaning plus size which I’m all for and I truly appreciate the positive movement. However, the word curvy doesn’t only mean plus size because curvy women come in different sizes including regular size, midsize, and plus size. The true definition of curvy means the waist-to-hip ratio is 0.70 inches or less. For example, If your waist is 29 inches and your hips are 47 inches then 29/47=0.617. Another way to determine if you are curvy is to subtract your hips from your waist. For example: 47-29=18. If it equals 10 inches or greater then you are considered curvy. So the true definition of a curvy petite woman is a woman who is 5’ 4” (163 cm) and under and who has a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.70 inches or less. If your ratio comes out greater than 0.70 then use the other method subtracting your hips from your waist to determine if you are truly curvy.

I Know The Struggles Of Being A Curvy Petite

I’m 5’ 2” (157.5 cm) and curvy petite because my waist is 30 inches and hips are 48 inches which makes my ratio 0.625 inches (30/48=0.625). If we use the other calculation 48-30=18 which is 10 inches or greater. So trust me when I tell you that I understand your struggle of trying to find jeans to fit a petite curvy body. I’ve tried plenty of jeans and have experienced a lot of frustration with them not fitting my curvy frame and dealing with that annoying waist gap.

petite boyfriend blazer

5 Jean Style Tips For Curvy Petites

When it comes to curvy petite fashion, all we want are some well-fitting jeans that’ll look nice on our body type as well as make us feel confident in our own skin. These are the five style of jeans that look the best on curvy petite women.

1) Skinny Jeans For Petite Curvy Women

Contrary to most fashion experts telling us to avoid skinny jeans, they actually look great on curvy petites especially when you want to show off your curves. When wearing skinny jeans, it's all about balancing your upper body with your lower body. Look for darker denim when wearing skinny jeans. Darker jeans are chic, timeless, and give the illusion of looking slimmer. For the best curvy fit, look for jeans that has some form of stretch to accommodate your curves. When reading your jean labels, look for materials like spandex, modal, T400, and elastane. Wearing a peplum top will balance your hip area to help make your skinny jeans look more balanced. A petite boyfriend blazer is one of my favorite items to wear with skinny jeans. Boyfriend blazers are slightly longer and hit past your curvy hips which will naturally balance your lower half. The ideal inseams for skinny jeans if you are petite are between 25 inches to 28 inches.

petite denim joggers petite joggers petite skinny jeans

2) Curvy Flare Jeans

Flare jeans hands down are one of my favorite styles for curvy petite women. For most curvy petite women high waisted styles seem to be ideal to help minimize that annoying waist gap. However, it depends on your torso on which rise of flare jeans will look best on your curvy body. The other perk to wearing flare jeans is they naturally balance your hips and thighs plus it naturally elongates your petite frame. I also prefer darker denim for flare jeans for that slimming effect, but honestly with flare jeans, just about any denim color would work. Style flare jeans with a fitted top, cropped top, or chambray button-up top for that chic denim on denim look. For petite women, look for inseams between 28 inches to 31 inches. I want to also note that petite flare jeans are designed to be longer and to be worn with heels.

Lazy Fit Style Hack To Avoid Waist Gap On Jeans

One of the coolest hacks I’ve found on the internet to see if your jeans will fit without having to try them on is to wrap them around your neck nice and taut and if there’s extra slack then you more than likely will have a waist gap. Let me tell you this hack actually works because I’ve tried it with my favorite jeans and my least favorite jeans and sure enough it worked!


3) Mom Jeans For Curvy Petite Women

People ask me all the time what are mom jeans? Mom jeans are basically high-waisted loose-fitting style jeans that became popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Due to the loose-fitting style, mom jeans look great on curvy petites since it naturally balances your curves.
The high waist style typically reach the smallest part of your torso which can make your waistline appear smaller. The high waist is also perfect for most short women because it naturally draws the eyes upward by creating a long vertical line. This style may work or may not work for you depending on your torso so be sure to try different brands to find your perfect fit. I personally like to wear more edgy style mom jeans to step up this look. For petite women, look for inseams between 26 inches to 29 inches.

 petite mom jeans

4) Petite Curvy Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg jeans can be tricky to find for curvy petite women, but don’t fret because I’m hear to give you a few tips. This style skims your shape without hiding your curves, and it naturally elongates your shorter legs. Look for mid rise to high rise styles to help elongate your frame. Look for straight leg jeans that has some stretch to accommodate your curves. This style should hit right below your ankle to avoid being too long on your petite frame. You can wear just about any denim wash with this style due to the vertical line slimming affect. Straight leg jeans look great with ruffle tops, peplum tops, blazers, crop tops, and asymmetrical tops. The inseams I prefer for petites are 26 inches to 28 inches. However, you can also go for a cropped style as well which would be 25 inches to 26 inches for most petites.


5) Petite Curvy Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans look great on curvy petite women due to how it balances your hips and thighs. Bootcut jeans have that subtle flare at the bottom which helps to draw less attention to your legs and make your thighs less prominent for your curvy frame. I prefer dark wash denim and mid to high rise styles for bootcut jeans. Bootcut jeans look great with tops tucked in because it helps petite women look more elongated. You can also style these jeans with your favorite graphic tee or statement top. Bootcut jeans are designed to be longer than your normal petite jeans so be sure to wear your favorite heels for an even more elongated look. For petite women, look for inseams between 28 inches to 31 inches.


The one great thing I’m noticing is that there are a few more companies acknowledging curvy petite clothing, but it still can be a struggle to find curvy petite jeans. This is one of the main reasons why I started my online clothing brand Charrish11 Boutique. It is my goal to help curvy petite women find fashion forward styles that are designed to fit your curves and height. Feel free to check out my website for more curvy petite fashion that makes a statement.

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