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Welcome to Charrish11, your petite clothing haven, where dreams come true, and style knows no bounds. We are here to celebrate the beauty of curvy petite women, embracing every inch with love and adoration. Our mission is simple yet profound: to provide you with statement making styles that effortlessly fits like a glove, straight off the rack, without the need for expensive alterations.

In this magical realm of petite fashion, we understand the daily struggles being petite and curvy. The endless search for that perfect fit, and the frustration of compromising style for ill-fitting clothing. But fear not, petite diva, for we have crafted a sanctuary where your petite stature is not a limitation but a source of pride. Our clothing is a symphony of classy but sassy statement designed with your beautiful curvy proportions in mind.


Gone are the days of feeling overshadowed by societal expectations. Here, in our petite wonderland, you will discover a treasure trove of high quality ready-to-wear statement-making fashion that flatters your curves, celebrates your petite frame, and honors the essence of your spirit. From sophisticated dresses that embrace your femininity to tailored bottoms that caress your height and curves, we have curated a symphony of styles that will make you shine, without the need for expensive alterations.

Charrisheleven Dresses Petite Diva Burgundy Bodycon Dress
Charrisheleven Tops Mustard Two Tone Peplum Petite Blazer

Charrish11 is a brand that is filling the gap within the fashion industry for curvy petite women. Together, we will rewrite the narrative, redefine beauty standards, and empower women who are 5' 4" and under with curves. Join us, and let us sculpt a world where every curvy petite diva shines brightly, knowing that true fashion magic happens when you find a garment that embraces you, just as you are – petite, curvy, and utterly magnificent.

But our mission extends beyond exquisite fashion; it's a celebration of the remarkable community of curvy petite women. Within these virtual walls, you will find support, encouragement, and a profound sense of belonging. Our curvy petite sisterhood stands tall together, uplifting and inspiring one another, for we believe that the power of unity is boundless.

We want you to Charrish Your Curves because feeling comfortable in your own skin is the only thing that matters.

Charrish11 is the ultimate playground where body positivity, statement worthy fashion, and height acceptance collide. Whether you need a look for brunch, chill day with the kids, night out with your bae, kicking it with your girls, or a vacation look, just know this is your final destination for petite clothing for all your charrishable moments.

We love to call our ladies a #charrishbabe because she is classy and sassy and not afraid to show off her sassiness. Her ambition and confidence makes her unafraid to show off her curves. She loves to wear statement-making apparel that is versatile to help her build a wardrobe. She is a women on the go who got places to be and people to see. She's bold, unapologetic, and unafraid to turn heads when she enters a room. 

Our motto: "Forever Statement-Making, Never Ordinary!" 


Hello my name is Tasha and I'm a wife, mother, engineer, and entrepreneur. I'm a mom on the go with two boys and my youngest son is autistic which in itself is challenging, but also rewarding.

I created Charrish11 out of frustration and necessity. For most of my life, being 5'2" I have been frustrated to find clothes that fit my petite stature . Then as I became a mother, my boys gave me even more curves which also made it challenging to find clothes. So now I'm petite and curvy which makes the struggle even more real! Lol!

Shopping for myself I've realized that the majority of petite clothing stores don't cater to curvy bodies. I was also tired of going to these big department stores and not being able to find petite fashion that made a statement. I love to wear statement-making, sassy, feminine, on trend, and versatile clothing, but just couldn't find them at most of the stores in my area.

This is how Charrish11 Boutique was born. It is my goal to help you accept your height and curves and own it! I want you to know that short women can be fashion forward too! I also want you to CHARRISH your curves.

Here at Charrish11 I want you to embrace your sassy side and femininity through sophisticated, feminine, versatile, and statement worthy styles.


Confidence in feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Honesty in knowing we do our best to be truthful to our customers.

Appreciation is key to serving our customers and providing the best shopping experience.

Relationships with our customers are important to us and that's why we do what we do.

Responsibility to educate and inform through fashion.

Inclusive to those who often get forgotten within the fashion industry.

Strength to stand in your truth and be unapologetically you.

Happiness in making you smile knowing wearing our brand brings you joy.


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