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Our petite flare jeans are unlike most companies because they are made for women who have a small waist, thick thighs, and big butts. We ourselves are also curvy petite so we understand your struggles for finding jeans that fit your height and curves. Our petite flare jeans are actually made for women 5'4" and under so we have shorter inseams of 27" and 28.5". Most other brands usually sell petite flare jeans with inseams of 30" and 31" which are still usually way too long for most petite women and they usually have that annoying waist gap especially if you're curvy petite. Plus they are either hard to find with a shorter inseam or are really expensive. However, we have great quality flare jeans that are reasonably priced that's made to fit your curves. High heels are optional with our flare jeans.

Extra Petite Flare Jeans For Women 5'0" & Under

Our extra petite flare jeans are designed especially for women who are 5'0" and under. We understand that with most brands that sell petite length flare jeans, they are usually still way too long because they design them for women who are 5'4". They don't understand that most of us are shorter than 5'4" so we need much shorter inseams and we want the option to wear our sneakers and flats with our flares.

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Minimizes Waist Gap

The struggle is real for curvy petite women--say no to waist gap drama! Our petite flare jeans are crafted to bid farewell to that annoying waist gap while offering a flawless fit that hugs your curves and tailored for your height.

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Petite FAQ

What does petite mean?

Petite means clothing for women who are 5'4" and under.

You do not have to be curvy petite to fit our flare jeans. They are made to fit all petite women.

Extra Petite means it's ideal for women who are 5'0" and under but you can still wear them if you are taller depending on your length preference.

The seams in a pair of pants from the crotch to the bottom of the leg.